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                                                                           Courtesy: Eric Holm
Exterior Elevator Addition - near completion 

Renovations to Paly's Tower Bldg. began in 2022  creating accessibility and AC upgrades

The newly renovated Tower Building at Palo Alto High School reopened this spring garnering much discussion on campus as final touches are yet to be completed. 

As indicated in a recent tweet by Paly Principal, Brent Kline, the first floor is completely ready and is already in use. While ongoing issues with the elevator have delayed the opening of the second floor, it's estimated to be fully ready by the end of  June.

The primarily wood-framed building, comprises administrative offices, a dedicated nurses’ station, a teacher training room, a community room, a mental health and wellness center where the school counselors’ offices as well as space for the district’s longstanding Adult Ed classes.

The oldest, most iconic building on the Paly campus has long been a fixture

“The Tower building and the Haymarket Theater are the only two original Paly buildings on campus now, so keeping the original image on the outside but renovating the inside maintains the historical landmark’s image while giving the facility a functional upgrade for students and staff to enjoy,” said ninth-grader, Cindy Liang.

According to Eric Holm, Director of Facilities and Construction at PAUSD, the main impetus of the renovation work, which began in the late summer of 2022 came from the need for accessibility upgrades including ramps, an elevator and air conditioning.

Structurally, the only new addition was an elevator tower attached to the south end of the building.

“The secondary part was to reconfigure and realign the spaces to the building’s current use and make the building fit our needs better,” said Holm in an interview with the Weekly. While some renovations have been done through the years, they were 'incidental' at best.

The building did not have air conditioning and the heating system was very old; it was really inefficient and problematic,not not heating the building uniformly,” he said.

Most of the renovation work was on the building’s interior. No major updates were necessary on the exterior because a building envelope upgrade — which involved changing old windows to double-paned windows was done around a decade-and-a-half ago, a process that improved the building’s insulation.

“That made the building a little more thermally efficient so it wouldn’t get quite so hot, quite so cold,” Holm said. “And a number of years ago there had been a seismic upgrade to the building that had been done.”

Another large undertaking of the project was replacement of the roof tiles. "Though the workers found a few leaks, a lot of the original clay tiles of the kind often seen on several Spanish-style buildings around town have held up pretty well" he said.

“We expected to find a lot more problems,” Holm said. “Now we have a new roof that should be good for another 100 years.”

The renovation comprised other elements as well. “We added a really large patio to the building that wasn’t there before that’s meant to be a central focus for the school on the grass quad,” Holm said. The quad, which is at the heart of the school’s campus opened up a few weeks ago; students have started using the space for lunch already. “We anticipate assemblies, lunch time events, spirit week events …”

In the Tower Building, the space that is affectionately called “The Old Library” was also renovated. One of the goals was to bring it back to a fully functioning community room “and to restore it to its former glory, so to speak.”

Some of the original stained-glass, transom windows were restored as were some old doors. “Some of the original patina of the building is still intact,” Holm said happily about the fact that some of the new additions — for instance, the coffered ceiling downstairs — have maintainted their grand, old look.

                                                                                                                                         Courtesy: Eric Seedman

Stained Glass Windows - Old Library - New: Alum Room

Many new bathrooms have been added, something Holm is very proud of. “The architect did an amazing job on the tile selection and painting …” These might just be the nicest looking bathrooms in a high school in the state!”

His team collaborated with an architecture and design firm called HED for this project.

“We went with a respectful approach to the building,” adding that design-related decisions factored in the heritage of the building. This involved pushing back on unnecessary changes that might have damaged the historic nature and “character” of the building. “It’s not just historic for the school but for the city as a whole.”

                                                                   Courtesy: Eric Holm 
Renovated Old LibraryNew Alum Room 

Paly students express enthusiasm about the renovations

“The rest of the school is mostly concrete, so the tower building definitely adds a lot of warmth. It’s very pretty and a nice backdrop to the rest of the school. Combined with it being the oldest building renovated into something updated, it’s basically the missing iconic building Paly needed!” said Paly freshman, Aiden Miao. “I’m definitely most excited for the quad outside of the building. The courtyards and walkways are also very pretty compared to the rest of the school!”

                                                                                                                                            Courtesy: Eric Seedman
Tower Building, backside -  overlooking Quad and grassy area                                                                                                                 

Miao added that a common complaint is the floor on the inside of the building: 'it's very weird'. "It’s like a giant rubber mat that's very loud and squeaky to walk on. The rest of the interior is nice; my favorite is the balcony on the inside of the historic library, which is now a meeting room, and will also be affectionately called, The Alumni Room.”

Echoing his sentiment about the loud, squeaky floors, Paly 9th grader, Lise Concolato said, “My favorite part of this new building are the big windows: they let in a lot of light while enhancing comfort.”

New Larger Windows                      Courtesy: Eric Seedman

Liang said she is particularly looking forward to the administrative, attendance and nurse's office as well as the wellness center under one roof making it easier for students to navigate and get the help and support they’re looking for as a result of the clear labels on the doors. “The green floors with the school logo is a great way to include school spirit into the building’s design contributing to the clean and motivating environment that can have a positive impact on students’ learning."

Article: Courtesy of the Palo Alto Weekly - May 10, 2024 - Edited



PALY in the NEWS

Paly honored with Annual Historic Preservation Award  - Palo Alto Historical Association and Palo Alto/Stanford Heritage

A note from a Paly Alum: 

"On Sunday, May 5, the Palo Alto Historical Association and Palo Alto Stanford Heritage hosted the annual meeting to award plaques to homes that turned 100 in 2024.  They also presented the Annual Historic Preservation Award that usually goes to a company.

This year the preservation award went to Palo Alto High School for its work in bringing the Tower building current while maintaining its iconic look.  Certificates were given to the district rep, the contractor rep, and the architects. 

Two Paly tour guides were also presented with certificates from our tour last April.

After the meeting ended I talked with the architect and heard about all the hoops they had to jump through that resulted in a truly great finished product.  I remember on the tour we were told that some of the stained glass in the community room (Old Library) had to be redone to match the original look.  What I hadn't recalled was all the cabinetry was custom made out of real wood to match the old photos of the Library."


(although last year, we just learned of it) 

June 16, 2023

Palo Alto, CA—Palo Alto High School now claims a Top 10 spot on the recently announced shortlist of the World’s Best School Prize for Innovation. Upholding a commitment that allows students to rise above the occasion within both an equitable learning and empowering journalistic environment, the school’s Media Arts Center (MAC) is again being recognized for its profound impact on awareness and culture. The conclusion of a detailed application and interview process is bringing international attention to the school and to the district.

Within the Innovation category, Palo Alto is now the only school representing the United States. Principal Brent Kline reflects on the work done each day in the department. “This honor recognizes the depth of quality our school and teachers provide as our journalism opportunities meet the needs of so many students,” he adds. In addition to Palo Alto, the nine other schools being evaluated on this Innovation-focused Top 10 list are in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, India, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Vietnam.

Brian Wilson, an eight-year media arts teacher (with 18 years in the classroom prior to PAUSD) believes “This acknowledgment is a new frontier for our students.”

Kline does not hesitate when he says, “Our students learn the art of writing, and they effectively communicate major stories and valid opinions.” Boasting other awards for eight student in-house publications, the foundation of the MAC is built on broadcast journalism, photojournalism, and traditional print journalism. Thus, students are given the opportunity to use creativity while reaching not only the campus, but also the community. Students and staff look forward to the upcoming news regarding which schools will move forward in the selection process for the overall World’s Best School Prize. If chosen as the final award recipient, MAC visionaries have their sights on helping expand other school journalism programs in California and/or helping schools establish similar media hubs (like the MAC).




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