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Please Note: This is the ONLY Official Paly All-Alumni site although other sites may make such claims.
Older Paly Alumni sites have been disbanded and replaced with this new site


Check below for info re the Paly Journalism Archives, Paly Swag, books by Paly authors  and donation information/needs. 



If you are joining the site, click on Teacher Profiles on the BLACK Menu Bar at the top of this page.  Although you may not find your name listed,  go ahead and fill out the form. Should you join under Classmates, and you aren't a Paly alum, there will not be a way to transfer your profile to the Teacher/Staff page.  You will have to repeat the process as a teacher/staff member to be listed. 

If you are a Paly Alum and also a current or retired Paly Teacher/Staff member, and joined under your class, and wish to be included on the Teacher Profiles, you will need to join again under the Teacher Profile menu item. 
Our apologies for this inconvenience, but that's the way the software is set up, and we are unable to over-ride it or duplicate listings under both headings.  


 Earl Hansen Viking Stadium  


Below is a great tool if you'd like to see any and all listings with alums names and pictures (including yours) in Paly publications throughout the years from the beginning of time.                                               

Find history, pictures, articles from old Campaniles, Madronos, and more...

to access Paly Journalism Archives info click here, or click on Menu item



Gift yourself, family or friends and help the Paly Boosters

Click the link below and check out the Paly Sports Boosters' offerings 



click here: http://palysportsboosters.org/paly-gear






Paly Students Who Fought For Our Country

Harvey Vostrejs, a Paly junior is writing a book entitled "PALY HEROES, Paly Sudents Who Fought For Our Country" The book is about Paly alumni who lost their lives in World War II, Vietnam, and Korea. 

Harry would love to hear from some of you alums who lived through those times.   See book link below if you'd like to take a look at his work in progress.

Please use the Contact Us link on the website menu bar for an email address to contact Harvey so that you may share any information with him. 

Link:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dFYhu75q9zHWK_NGTJNtrVI5KcpMUagh3ttz9vuYRRE/edit?usp=s




Please provide the following information about your book(s) /publication(s) if you wish to add them to the Author's Page:

  • Author's name
  • Year of graduation from Paly
  • Book or publication title(s)
  • Month and year of publication
  • Link to your website, and/or if you wish, links to where your book(s) can be purchased.   
  • Photo of self (optional)

See examples at: http://www.palyalumni.net/Paly-Authors-Book-TItles.htm   Please allow a reasonable amount of time for your information to be added to the Paly Alumni Authors'  page.  You may email your information through the Contact Us  Menu Item on the Paly website. 




WE NEED YOUR HELP with donations to support the following projects.

$3,000/yr. for the PALY JOURNALISM DIGITAL ARCHIVE  SITE accessible through the alum website. Check out and/or download past publications including yearbooks and Campaniles from way back to the present. A valuable resource. Without funding, the Journalism Archive Project will be completely  removed.  






$10,000 for 10 new picnic/work tables on campus. Paly Admin has requested more of the heavy metal tables with attached benches. $7,900 still needed.




You can easily donate to our nonprofit. To the right on the Homepage of the palyalumni.net website you'll see boxes where you can click on "Donate" for the item of your choice.  Or select the Menu item, “Donate” at the upper-right on the Homepage and it will take you to the Donation Page to donate by check or credit card*. *PLEASE NOTE: A 5.9% processing fee will be applied to all credit card transactions reducing the total amount of your gift.  Please allow for the difference when making your donation, or if you prefer, mail a check. You will need to join our website in order to donate via credit card.  If you have not joined the site, we invite you to do so. (see First-Time Visitor Instructions on the Home Page). Our site is free and very secure.

Please make checks payable to:
Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School
mail to:
Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School  
50 Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto CA 94301

Please note on your check the project of choice for your donation, i.e. "Scholarships", "Alumni Assoc.", etc. 

We thank you for your ongoing support of Paly and the Alumni. Additional donations for the projects outlined above will be much appreciated by Paly students, staff and Alumni.

Go Vikings!!


Arne Lim '80, Alum Chairperson, and the Paly Alumni Board


See new Menu item, Paly Alumni Authors for publications. The list includes authors who've opted in by submitting their information to be added to the site through the Contact Us item on the Menu. 

If you would like your publication(s) listed, please provide the following information: Author name, graduation year, Publication/Book Title and link to your website and/or link to where the book can be purchased. You may also include a photo (optional).  When you're information is received, a private email address will be provided where you can send a photo (head-shot) to accompany your posting. 



Watch the Video guided tour  of "new" PALY CAMPUS

Click on each stop on the map. https://palyguidedtour.github.io/



Old Paly High School - Channing Avenue 1918

PALY - then...

  PALY - now


The new


Click here > Campus Updates to see more photos and slide shows.

NEW LIBRARY   - OPENED March, 2019



Silent Study Room 

The newly renovated library provides a mezzanine with plenty of room to study. 






For Paly's website click on link: http://www.paly.net/  

The Land of the Free because of the Brave


Thanks for coming....  See you again soon!!!  


$1,000 to maintain Alumni website software subscription costs.


Please support the Alumni Association's General Fund


$2,000 for two $1,000 scholarships to deserving graduating seniors.