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For the first and last time, Palo Alto High School’s graduating class of 2021 came together to celebrate a most unusual high school journey with a graduation ceremony Wednesday afternoon, June 3rd at Viking Stadium. 

Providing the graduates with a more natural sense of closure to their years at Paly, the ceremony marked the first time that the class of 2021 was able to come together since the shut down in March of 2020 and the 2021 Madrono yearbook appropriately was entitled "WE DID IT!”. While the ceremony was televised locally, guests could view it on a large screen situated near the goalposts as the graduates entered onto the field to the traditional strains of Elgar's, Pomp and Circumstance performed by the Paly Band. Several short speeches were given by the new principal, the Student Body and Senior Class Presidents along with presentations of taped musical performances.

In her graduation speech, ASB President, Avantika Singh described the perseverance of the class of 2021. “I don’t think anyone thought this is what our final year would look like. While it started quite boring for most of us with shelter-in-place and online classes, I’m glad it’s ending like this. Honestly, it’s amazing how far we’ve come.”

In an address to the class, their new Principal, Brent Kline addressed the extraordinary spirit of the graduating class in these most difficult of times. 

“I just want to say congratulations, and what an enormous event that we are involved in at this particular moment,” Kline said. “It’s been a long road, but today, I think that makes up for it. For everything that we’ve done, for everything that we’ve been through, for the pain, but most importantly this is the beginning of reconnection because we’ve all been separated for way too long.”

Closing out his address Kline paid tribute to the class of 2020, who never experienced an in-person graduation ceremony due to the pandemic. 

“I hope you are grateful for being able to sit here in the stadium, six feet apart, with your four family members in pods a hundred feet away,” Kline said. “The class of 2020 never got that.”

Paly’s student speaker, Jonathan Sneh used Spikeball — a popular game seen on campus — to represent the amazing Paly community. 

“Our community is strong, and anyone can feel welcome and be a part of it, just like with Spikeball,” Sneh said. “I can come up to anyone with a ball in hand and ask them if they want to play and we’ll be rallying in seconds.”

Representatives from the Class of 2020, former ASB President, Pooja Akella and former Senior Class President, Frida Rivera were guest speakers providing graduates with a word of advice.

“Don’t view graduation as a closure,” Akella said. “View it as a chapter in an unfinished book, waiting for you to write the next chapter.”

Following Akella and Rivera’s speeches, graduates were called up on stage to rousing applause from friends and family receiving their diplomas without the traditional handshake.

Senior class president Emma Lin gave some final words to the group of 523 graduating seniors. “Thank you to all the people who have shone some light into our lives for the past four years,” Lin said. “Class of 2021, I’ll keep my expectations low and my hopes for you high.”

Following graduation, a Grad night party was provided for the seniors by their parents who have also organized a Senior Prom slated for June 5th.

The many decorated mortar boards showed grads headed to BYU, CU, Loyola Marymount, Michigan, Oregon, Princeton, SJ State, USC, Washington, Wisconsin and Xavier among others. An official representative of the US Navy accepted one Paly graduate into the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Article contributors: Edith Miller, President of Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School; writers for the Paly Voice: Daniel Garepis-Holland, Maia Johnsson and Benjamin Grimes.


"The end then of learning is to repair the ruins of our first parents by regaining to know God aright...."   John Milton


February 2021

Hello Paly Vikes Alumni,

First, let’s hope for a better 2021 for the whole world!! For us, we hope Paly Alumni reunions and other activities can resume in the fall. Until then, take time to enjoy your wonderful website. As of now, Palo Alto High School will not hold regular classes this school year. I know this is very hard on the students because my two Paly grandchildren (one, a senior) have told me regularly how much they are missing actual school.  For this school year, Staff is developing alternate small safe gatherings and a graduation of some sort. Plans change daily so best to check the Paly.net website or Palo Alto Weekly online.

Except for reunions, Paly Alumni is open and WE NEED YOUR HELP with donations to support the following projects.

$3,000/yr. for the PALY JOURNALISM DIGITAL ARCHIVE  SITE accessible through the alum website. Check out and/or download past publications including yearbooks and Campaniles from way back to the present. A valuable resource. Without funding, the Journalism Archive Project will be completely  removed.  






$10,000 for 10 new picnic/work tables on campus. Paly Admin has requested more of the heavy metal tables with attached benches so students can work safely outdoors.




All donations are tax deductible.

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We thank you for your ongoing support of Paly and the Alumni. Additional donations for the projects outlined above will be much appreciated by Paly students, staff and Alumni.

Go Vikings!!


Edith Kirk Miller '63, Alum Chair, and the Paly Alumni Board


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Ribbon cutting ceremony with Librarians, Principal and students


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The Land of the Free because of the Brave


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