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Sue Blatt Cowdery (Paly '71) daughter of  Bob Blatt, Paly '40, and Michael Blatt, son of John "Boots" Blatt, Paly '42, attended a mini-ceremony on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 where their fathers were added to the Paly Olympians display.  The Blatt brothers were on the 1948 Olympic ski team.  Bob Blatt was also on the 1940 Olympic team.  However, the Olympics were cancelled because of WW II.



  Re-enactment of 1918 march from Channing House to Paly on October 7, 2018. 

Click HERE for more photos and videos of the events. 

Click HERE for Palo Alto Online article, "Paly Recreates 1918 March" (above photo)

March from site of old Paly High School on Channing Ave. (photo below) to "new" Paly campus December 1918

The march originally took place in 1918 when students, staff and community members marched from the old Paly campus on Channing Avenue to the current Paly site. 

Old Paly High School - Channing Avenue 1918


PALY - then...

  PALY - now

 PERFORMING ARTS CENTER -  facing Embarcadero


Click here > Campus Updates to see more photos and slide shows.

NEW LIBRARY   - OPENED March, 2019

Ribbon cutting ceremony with Librarians, Principal and students

Librarian, Rachel Kellerman answers questions at a central Help Desk

Reading Nook

Silent Study Room 

The newly renovated library provides a mezzanine with plenty of room to study. 





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