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About Us

Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School is a nonprofit 501c3 organization, established in 1997. All donations are tax deductible. The purpose of Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School  is to provide a volunteer effort to encourage continued interest in and support of the high school. Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School specifically will:

 Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School is a nonprofit volunteer operated organization, established in 1997. The purpose of the Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School  is to provide volunteer effort to encourage continued interest in and support of the high school. The Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School specifically will:

  • (i) provide a central place for the interested public and

            graduates to communicate and to be informed about

            the school, thereby increasing awareness and

            broadening interest in its programs and needs;

  • (ii) provide a vehicle to collect moneys for scholarships  and other material gifts to the school
  • (iii) maintain a web site and a directory for the purpose of fostering communicati

    Who Can Join the Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School website?  - Alums and Teachers. 

  • Only Alums and teachers who join the site have access to the entire site.  The public can view the Homepage and a few other pages, such as Centennial Events and those where privacy isn't required. 

     How Much Does it Cost to Join? - It is FREE to join.  

However, we are seeking donations to pay for the 10-year subscription for the software provided through Class Creator.  See Homepage or Donations on Menu - top of page.  Certain classes have a reserve fund for reunion events. If you can spare $100-$500 to support the Alumni Association, it will help us to increase our services and enhance our site.


  • This site provides Alums and Teachers a vehicle where they can communicate with one another privately and securely through the site without divulging private/personal email addresses or other personal contact information.

    What services does the Alum site provide?  

  • Paly news, announcements and information on activities and fund-raisers for Paly and Alums including Reunion information
  • A vehicle where each class year can have their own Alum Administrator assigned to maintain information (records i.e. deaths) on classmates and send out emails to their entire class.
  • Reunion planning info with venue recommendations, activities, etc.  - see Reunion Page
  • See more information below on past activities / fund raisers, etc. 

   What Activities does the Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School Sponsor or perform? 

  • We provide several scholarships annually to deserving/qualifying graduates
  • Participate in annual "Welcome Back Dinner" 
  • Assist with class reunions
  • Give excellent guided tours of Paly
  • Keep alums up-to-date

    Who are the primary contacts who maintain the site? 

  • Web-Site Administrators - Edie Kirk Miller '63, President of Board of Directors for Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School and Pam Kiraly West '61. Both can be reached through the "Contact Us" feature on the Menu.  All emails sent through "Contact Us" are received by both Edie and Pam. Both are volunteers.

   Who "Hosts" the site? The site is hosted with software provided by Class Creator.


What has Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School been up to since 1997?

  • JUNE 1997 - Hosted 100th Graduation Celebration for 800 Friends and Alumni
  • OCT 1997 - Hosted Bell Ringing Ceremony to rededicate El Camino bells
  • Five editions, 16,000 + copies of Alumni Directories sold by GraduateConnections.COM
  • NOV 1998 - Joined with theater boosters to host celebration of 80 years at current site
  • MAR 1999 - Celebrated the return of alumna artist, Rio Sato's painting to Paly
  • JUN 2000 - Hosted Alumni Picnic
  • OCT 2001 - Hosted Farewell to the Amphitheater
  • Annual participation in Back-to-School Picnic
  • Maintain Alumni Web Site - PALYALUMNI.NET
  • Continue to protect and display Paly's history
  • Assisted with more than 125 class reunions
  • Annually Award Scholarships (funded by Alumni donations) to two graduating seniors
  • Provide annual PALY UPDATES to registered Alumni
  • Thanks to donations, a plaque remembering Florence Turner - Outstanding teacher and Cheerleader for 41 years is now in the Main Hall.
  • First ever Paly Retired Staff party! Tour by Arne Lim and lots of renewing of friendships.
  • Creation of Alumni Plaza near the 800 Building and donation of 10 large picnic tables from alumni classes


Next Board Meeting will be Thurs., 14 June  2018, 4pm - Tower - Room 33

Board of Directors Report - March 1, 2018

Alumni and Friends of Palo Alto High School
Board  Minutes - March 1, 2018
Room 33, Paly Tower 4PM

Present - Mary Atwater, Sally Raggio, Ralph Britton, Lori Ann Hammar Sapigao, Eric Seedman, John Cabrea, Melissa Anderson, Edie Miller, Rachel Kellerman, Bob Strohecker, Kirsten Essenmacher.

1. What’s Happening at Paly - Rachel described the plans for the remodeled library due to be completed in Jan 2019. She referred all to see the digitized collection of Madronos and Campaniles. Some Campaniles are missing so please ask friends in 70s and 80s .  The project is about 80% done.  Volunteers to help with scanning are most welcome.  The new gyms are working out very well.

The STUDENT PRODUCTION OF VENTURE written by Paly’s Michael Najar will show for the next two weekends.Paly Principal is out on medical leave- there will be an interim person soon.The staff did a flashmob dance on the quad . Students loved it.It’s on YouTube.

2.  Treasurer’s Report- Mary reported we now have $16,848.95, (before today’s expenses) having cashed in our CD.    It was suggested that we continue to raise funds by sending annual mailings and distributing requests at Reunions. 

3.  Website – everyone check palyalumni.net and join up.

Edie asked the Board to please consider donating some alumni funds to the website which was initially provided by a loan which should be repaidBoard wished to wait and see if more people donate online.  There is recognition that loan should be repaid.

4. CENTENNIAL - Edie, Bob and Rachel reported on the Centennial planning progress.  Dates to remember include Aug 23, Oct 7, Career Week in late February 2019 and the Campanile/Gala in the spring. After discussion the Board voted to donate $500 to underwrite the Centennial. Hopefully this will prove a good example to others.

5. Scholarships - The Board voted to provide two- $1000 scholarships to 2018 graduates. John offered to present the awards again.



Nov 2017 - Oct 2018

President:          Edie Miller

Vice President:  Lori Ann Hammar Sapigao

Secretary:         June Casey

Treasurer:         Mary Atwater

Members at Large:  Ralph Britton, John Cabrera, Jim Drake, Kirsten Essenmacher, Nan Hagan, Kirsten Missett, Bob Strohecker; Historian, Bob French; Arne Lim, Staff Liaison and #1 Tour Guide; and Yee Lee - Tech Advisor.



Election of officers takes place annually at the October meeting. Currently the BOARD OF DIRECTORS meets three times a year to address special projects at Paly. We welcome participation by Alumni, parents of current and past Paly students as well as community members. Please consider donating your time to Paly! Contact Edie Miller: palyalumni@gmail.com